gravy bones

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are a great training aid ....FOR PEOPLE....wife rattles a box to get some to take into the town house and both buddies sit there and wait for treats ....she says NO you did not do anything and lets them outside ..so they run around to the other door and bark to get back in...when she lets them in they both sit for treats...SEE we came right back !!! fun llittle monsters


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    Dang!!! I thought this might be a recipe post!!!

    As a kid I was often sent to the butcher shop {remember them???} to buy 75 cents of pork neck bones for mom's Sunday tomato sauce. Amazing what those neck bones flavor added to spaghetti sauce when you cooked it for 5 hours .
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    I was thinking "soup bones". Those big * cut cow bones. I wanna say femur? More weapon than eats. Drop one on a pooch's head that'll get their attention.
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