Snapper Mower

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Just got it running again and mowed the grass with a rear engine Snapper that my dad brought home the day of the moon landing in 1969.Its slow and noisy but nothing makes the lawn look better than a Snapper with a bagger.


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    Best and most dependable riding mower ever made, the average "Joe" could work on them and parts could be found at most auto parts stores and hardware stores, some parts could even be home-made.....I know, I've done it alot when growing up, even the motors could be swapped out in minutes with simple hand tools ;)
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    I like to see old stuff running. Very little of this new machinery impresses me.
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    So much of the "newer stuff" is made cheaper but designed to look great.

    Quality has given way to appearance.

    Today, most products are made to be "throw away items" where, if repairable, repair parts exceed the cost of a new replacement.
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    just like forest gump used :lol:
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