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Looking for my father's SW M&P 38 specials

NYPDsonNYPDson Member Posts: 3
My father and grandfather were police officers in the NYPD. Upon my father's passing, his two "on duty" pistols were sold at
a local Tampa area gun show in 2013 or 2014. I am looking for them to buy back so they can be remain with the family who proudly protected New York City for a combined 45 years.

The specifics are as follows:
Dad's gun had serial number C564267 issued in 1962 with the standard wood grips.
Grandpa's gun had serial number 554660 issued around 1927 and had bone grips.

I have heard that sometimes the frame was imprinted with the badge number of the officer. If that is the case, dad's was 11755
and grandpa's was 15584.

The guns were not mint; from the few times I saw grandpa's there was little, if any, bluing on the barrel. Don't know about dad's as he kept them
locked up when at home.

I know there are collectors of old police guns, so if anyone can get the word out, I would greatly appreciate it. I know they were sold for next to nothing, though I am hoping to not pay inflated collector prices for them. Just want to pay a decent price and have the seller know that they are being returned to the family of the officers who carried them.

Thank you for reading this and hope this reunion can be made to happen.


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