Define factory new condition

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Define factory new condition


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    I would define it as a gun from a dealer/warehouse NOT sold to anyone else.
    If a seller was a private person with an un-used gun, I still would NOT consider it factory new.
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    Plastic still on the seats of the New Corvette, not registered on the MSO.
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    Can of worms IMHO. New in box, with hanging tags. Then there is never turned for a wheel gun.
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    factory new = never sold at retail

    if it was sold at retail then "as new"
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    Selling as a used gun but has no / zero blemishes. Unfired or minimal firing.
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    would say same as car never titled, gun never sold and trasfered from the original dealers books......
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    Besides not being sold to anyone previously, it would also have to be as new from factory, definitely no rust spots, no marks on the slide unless test fired by factory ... after that is New Old Stock, then "As New never used/fired" ... I'm sorry to say I've overheard employees talk about shooting guns they'd received, for stock or transfer. I had a dealer I used for unusual/out of production, guns, that I'd seen extensive pic's of that would pass for new but obviously had 20+ ejection nicks when I received it, needless to say, I don't use that dealer any longer.
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    OK :

    Just as the title states :

    If an individual has it : Its 'as new' : hopefully with box and paperwork ? uotherwise its just used exc. cond. ::: No need to overstate it !!!

    Either it is ? or Its Not :::

    Thanks !!!
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    I think adding "factory" to the new condition means never sold previously, and in mint condition. If it has been sold, then it should be "like new in box". If it is unfired, then add that to it.

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