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have a sportsman 48 that im trying to keep original, its like my retro rod project. im having a problem finding a butt plate that fits. bought one that was suppose to be for an 11-48 but it did not fit, the toe end of the plate was about 3/4 inch too long and it is curved from end to end. my stock is straight cut heel to toe. my 1971 rem. parts book show the 1100,870,11-48,58, 878 are all the same. tried a pad off an 870 stock, wasnt even close. thought maybe my stock had been cut off but it doesnt look like it and is very close to the same length of the 870 stock. the closest thing i have found is a pad off an old mossberg 500 stock. dont want to put a pad on it would like to find an original butt plate. Numrich says they have them but they look much the same as the one i bought that doesn't fit. anyone have any suggestions? thanks


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    According to the Blue Book. The Model 48 (Sportsman), and Model 11-48. Were two different distinct models. Although they were manufactured, at the same time. Since the 48 (Sportsman), hasn't been made since 1960. And there is confusion between them and the 11-48. Going to be tough getting a original butt plate.

    Best, to check flea-bay; Lot of Remington butt plates show up their. Get the specific dimensions, of your Sportsman's butt plate. And contact the sellers of Remington Butt plates. You might luck out, and get one for your Model 48. Since it's so confusing, between the 48 (Sportsman) and 11-48. Do the same with the various on-line gun parts sellers. Ask them if the have a Remington butt plate, with the Model 48 (Sportsman), specific dimensions.
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    Varian, measure the length, and the widest part of the width.
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    4.66 long 1.68 at widest point i shaped the one i bought to the correct dimensions but because it is curved i cant make it fit flat on the wood. even tried heating with a heat gun but cant seem to get it flat. brownell list a new one at 1.8W 5.175L but i cant tell from their picture if it is flat or curved.
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    I've seen some that have a curve, but don't recall ever seeing a Rem stock that had the curve. Thought I had one here I could send you, but just got off the phone with my kid, and he pilfered it for his 1100.
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