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A friend recently acquired a Savage 99 and would like to put a scope on it. the front of the receiver has two holes drilled about .425 apart but the rear of the receiver only has the holes for mounting a tang sight.


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    Contact customer service at Brownell's. See if they stock, a blank scope mount to fit a 99 receiver. Since 99's, haven't been made since the 80's. Maybe not?

    If that doesn't work? Check fleabay for a used 99 mount. Doesn't matter, if it all ready has holes in it, as long as it fits the receiver. Now your going to have to get a skilled machinist or gunsmith. To drill holes in the mount that match the tapped holes in the receiver. This might entail, plugging some of the already existing holes in the mount?
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    I think it was Redfield that made the mount for that. It was made as a no Drill & Tap, but the holes were there to attach with screws to the receiver too. The front of the mount had a dovetail that fit the rear sight dovetail, and the rear of the mount used the tang sight holes. Stith made a two piece mount that used the dovetail and tang sight holes too. Found some pics of the one piece:
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    Smith made a scope mount which fit the rear sight dovetail. May be available on e bay . Insure tube size is correct for your scope.
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    'Smith' made a scope mount which fit the rear sight dovetail. May be available on e bay . Insure tube size is correct for your scope.
    should be "stith"
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    D&T a 99 can be a real adventure, cobalt drill in jig is the way to go. Maybe a grinder bit to eat threw the case hardening in just the right area.

    Local gunshows often have a few old 'new stock guys' with boxes of sight base stuff. Second e bay, search every week for your part.

    You might post on the wanted forum. Got a local "Maker" club, machining one out of mild steel or brass on a small CNC could be do able. A while back I looked at a small (desktop) 5 axis mill - would be a fun project.
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    Stith mounts will hold only 3/4" scopes. Correct for period, but maybe not old eyes.
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    I have 2 99's with Stith Mounts. One with a Weaver K4, larger ring on front of scope. And one with the 3/4" Lyman Alskan 2 1/2X.
    Certainly not a Vortex, Leupold, Swarovsky, or even a damn Tasco! But, better than open sights for my tired old eyes......
    I have seen on the auction side someone is making "split" rings for larger diameter scopes........
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