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22 cal -short- Holds 6 rounds

Looks like it may lock in like a Walther, but just can't place it.

Any help would be grateful



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    22 Short, was used very extensively in Europe. In what they called Flobert rifles, or garden guns. Don't recall, ever seeing any being magazine fed repeaters though?

    Possible, it was for some type of target rifle, made for indoor shooting. The winters, are killers over there. I would imagine, practicing for something like running boar shooing. In a confined, indoor space like a cellar.Would require a magazine fed 22 short repeater.
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    There is / there are a whole series of mossberb .22 rimfire rifles - especially and including inline detachable single stack magazines as pictured above that by design can and do accept .22 shorts and .22 long rifles...

    The secret is in the magic magazines (I can't recall the tradename / trademark nomenclature assigned to it by mossberg) there was one normal magazine that I believe would function with longs and long rifles (l and lr) and one magazine with an internal set forward architecture that placed shorts (s) in a perfect line and presented them close in to the chamber so as to expedite the round being stripped out of the magazine with the bolt - allowing them to feed without interruption or jamming (angle stacking or stove piping)

    I believe they later incorporated this feature - allowed this magazine to be accepted my semiautomatic or pump or slide action rifles...

    The body being pinched in and the thumb accessible spring depression / slack knob are the key visual design elements...

    Perhaps Rufe Snow can backstop or verify this data...

    Off the top of my head that's the best answer.

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    Looks like a Walther to me too. Hoosier, aka Dave from Hoosier Gunworks can probably tell you, he does it for a living.
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    Mossberg .22 short rimfire rifle magazine with short feed pin installed

    Right in concept but wrong in manufacturer - sorry...

    The Walther appears to no match up either


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    Looks like it started out as another magazine and was altered, (Astra or Star) the bottom should have had a base plate.
    release is from the notches on the back of magazines. Would Say its made to fit a target pistol feeding from in fron of the grip. Or a rifle ?/

    Got me stumped. Will dig thru my files and see if anything shows up.
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    The forward angled slant and the magazine spring tension button is very reminiscent of the stoeger .22 Luger mag design and grip angle but I don't think they made that to accept shorts...

    The browning and Walther and bernadeli .22 short magazines are also almost a dead ringer but upon close inspection they are not - and you nailed it with the base plate observation - many of the European target guns have very distinctive bases often with ergonomic finger rest extension false bottoms and button release architecture...

    Triple K shows some Star and Astra models that are close but not correct.

    And I only confused the issue.

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    **22 Short, was used very extensively in Europe.**

    I agree and will pursue Walthers and other quality Europian rifles
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