CZ 455 22lr barrel???

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So I got caught up in a local gun store sale that was going out of business. They had a NIB CZ 455 barrel in 22lr that I figured for the price I really couldn't pass up. I bought it, and haven't decided what to do, or what I can do with it.. Why was this laying around, was it from a switch barrel gun that got forgotten, or can you order them to pair with a rifle to make a switch barrel combo? Thanks Fella's!!


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    They did make a switch barrel version. According to the CZ - USA, site. Personally I would just sell it on the auction. As the 22 LR, is the most common caliber. CZ stuff isn't cheap. Not likely your going to be able to come up with one, in either 17 HMR or 22 Mag to use the 22 LR barrel with. Very inexpensively.
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    My older Son bought one of these rifles a couple years back with a 22lr and a 17HMR barrel. Later, he was able to find a 22WMR and had the 17 barrel threaded for a muffler. There are barrels available and some compatible rifles on the market.
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    I have a number of kit bash custom gumsmithed Frankenstein parts guns - about a two dozen .22 rimfire rifles that somebody with to much money and to much time and several parts catalogs convinced a highly skilled gunsmith to build...

    One is a Norinco JW-15 bolt action .22 rifle that has a CZ barrel on it and a high end custom xxx claro walnut California stock on it - along with a surprisingly good quality Chinese made 3-9X40 scope marked Northwest territories on it - and an Ace trigger shoe...

    That's not a stretch as the norinco is basically a clone of the CZ rimfire rifle - and accepts CZ mags

    I also had an H&R Plainsman .22 bolt action rifle that has a CZ barrel fitted - which has been chrome plated and had a recessed target crown applied - the gun has Lyman international competition sights installed front and rear...

    Both guns will put 20 rounds into a dime size group at 100 yds from a bagged benchrest

    Others have Douglass or Hart or Winchester heavy bull barrels installed - one has a Parker Hale and while all feature some incredible accuracy the "lesser quality" actions with the CZ barrels are nearly as capable - and I would assign most of that precision performance to the quality of the CZ barrels and my paperwork indicates that they came from CZ and were not take offs.

    And the CZ barrels are standard sporting profile.

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    All CZ455s are switch barrel, and for all 4 current rimfire calibers. Note that you need the magwell spacer for 22lr/17hm2 and remove it for the magnum length rounds. And of course the wood may not match up if you go to/from a Varmint profile.

    FWIW my 455 Varmint in 22lr was capable of making golf balls at out to 150 yards almost easy, given enough scope (I had a Tasco Japan 8-32 w/ target dot on it).
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