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Came across a HK 10 round magazine for a 45acp still in the package. Looked on the auction side and see them for both compact and full size. Looks to be a single stack. Part number on the package is 214868, but looking on line there is the same part number, but with an "s" at the end. Other writing
is "HK1 USP 45ACP XMAG 10RD". Trying to figure out exactly what it fits. TIA.



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    An "S" suffix would indicate the magazine has a standard floorplate and not the extended, which in reality isn't much of an extension. The normal magazine held 12 rounds of .45acp, but during the Crime Bill era this was dropped to 10 rounds. A lot of shooters found the 10 round magazine floorplate a bit too small, so HK offered and extension which gave more grip area, while not allowing any increase in capacity. The extended floorplates seem to be more common than the standard. Regardless of the "S", the part number should fit HK USP 45 Full Size and Tactical 45, as well as the Elite & Expert.
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    The USP 45 in either 10 or 12 round full size gun is double stack and the compact is 8 rounds and I think a single stack.
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    Thanks for the detailed answer Mark, that explains it well. And thanks for pointing out the double stack part Ricci. When I first glanced at it I called it single stack because the windows on the back were sequential up thru 6, then it went 8 and then 10. If anyone needs one I will make you a "special" auction on the other side. :roll:
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    Owned a H & K, P9, in 45 ACP. Years back. Believe it was the first 45 ACP, that H & K made? Not common at all. Seen way more of the 9 mm, P9's over the years. Very few of the 45's. Like a lot of other stuff, i owned though. Just more water, under the bridge. Can't keep them all.
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    The P7M7 squeeze cocker was made in .45 acp - I have handled one in a private collection but good luck finding one or even finding a reference about one...

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