Prayers for PerryShooter ,,EDIT w/Photo,,,



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    I haven't been on for a long time and when I hopped back on this was the first thread I saw.  How sad.  I hope he is still with us and doing well as could be expected.  I remember him once posting that he had gotten 127 speeding tickets growing up (I believe) in VA and wrenching on and driving fast cars.  I read that and posted that he must have mistyped something, because nobody ever gets 127 speeding tickets.  No, he assured me, he got an honest 127.  I may not have the number exactly right, but it was staggeringly large and he explained that as a younger man he loved fast cars the way he loved shooting as an older man.  

    We should all have such passions in life.  
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    A reminder of just how cruel life can be.  It's just unfair , and not right.  My heart goes out to him and his family.
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    ...He's been in my prayers since this terrible & very sad news was first posted here, if nothing else I pray he is at peace within himself...God Bless you and keep you close my friend.....
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