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WTB: Walther stock, M192 pts, Destroyer ext, OTHERS

ADMIN: I didn't want to bomb the board with nine separate Want Ads for the same person so I combined all in one, hope this is OK.
Wanted to buy:
- Stock, hand guard, front barrel band and faux cleaning rod for a Walther Sportmodell 22 rifle. I have stock but it was cut at front band.
- Rear sight assembly for a Sako P46 22 single shot rifle.(I have a photo I can send)
- Locking plates (pair) for the elevation mechanism on a M192 Lightweight Tripod for M249 SAW or M240 GPMG.
- Extractor for Spanish Destroyer 9mm Largo carbine.
- Rear sight for Astra Camper extended barrel 22 pistol. It's a very small drift only sight.
- Slide (used, stripped is OK) for Intratec Protec 25 ACP pistol.
- Side plate (trigger plate) for Luger with serial #82.
- Magazine, floor plate adapter that accepts magazine and wooden storage box for a Erma Erfurt EL24 .22 conversion for K98 Mauser.
- Wooden transit case for HK (P)SG-1 7.62 NATO sniper rifle.

Any help, suggestions, leads, corrections, complaints or other information will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for looking!
[email protected]
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