does the box really matter??????

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I know we all kid Kasey about not having the box for her shotguns/rifles, but does it really matter? I know if you had original box for old winchester, ect, it does help, but I mean a newer rifle/shotgun. I have a remington double barrell about 10-15 years old, tore the house apart trying to find the box this morning, dang wife can't leave things be, finally did, do you think it would really add any value?????


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    In about 40-50 years.

    I have been asking myself the same question. I am going to sell a few through Ricci. Several are NIB. I doubt they will bring more because of the box. If they do, that would be great. (But) I doubt it.

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    I would say the box is a $15-20 kick on the price depending on how old the Gun/Box is.

    If you have the box and are selling the gun why would you not sell it in the box?

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    Yes. How much does it help? Depends.

    Original box and paperwork is not the icing on the cake, It is the little sprinkles that go on top of the icing. If the cake is burnt, if the icing is runny, sprinkles don't really matter.

    I have a 48 year old 12 g SXS Boito from Brazil. Found in better K-Marts everywhere. Got a box- big whoop- still a crudely made shotgun.

    But I also have a S&W K-38 Target Masterpiece- 8 3/8th heavy barrel, bluing so deep you can get lost looking at it- came to me unturned, in original oil paper, in the original box. Does that add something? I feel It does. Not to any specific dollar amount. It increases the "Shut up you fool, quit trying to haggle him down a few bucks, PAY him what he is asking, grab the gun before someone else does, run home with it, lock door, giggle insanely" factor. Well, it had that effect on ME.

    A box for an RG-22 would still be a box for an RG 22 (did they even HAVE boxes?) For a quality firearm- don't know that there is a specific multiplier- but it sure seems to be a deal sweetener.
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    It matters for exactly one reason: buyers will pay more if it's included. Period, end of tale.
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    It really depends upon the firearm, IMO.

    I have two pre-war Target Match Bullseye Colt Woodsmen, Elephant ear pistols.

    One with its original box and one without.

    I would think the original box adds a couple hundred dollars to the value. It did for me anyway.

    Other that collectibles, however, I personally do not place much value on the original box. Currently, most manufactures sell their firearms in a generic box that has a sticker with the serial number. May add $ 20.00 to a a $ 1,000.00 pistol if it is a common make and model.
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    To some people the box to a gun is like the hair on top of a woman's head. They couldn't describe this woman's hair if they left the room and you asked what she looked like.....but let that hair be missing and you will never hear the end of it........NEVER.

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    Yes to some buyers it makes a difference. To others none at all. I am one of that last ones packing up at the gun shows an I see alot of empty new boxes thrown away in the trash. So the new firearms owners do not care. Maybe its the younger generation. But it is amazing how much someone will pay for an old empty box for a firearm with out one. Sometimes crazy money.
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    If it is "THE BOX" the weapon shipped in it can increase value of the item. If it is "A BOX" as period correct but not original to item then is may or may not increase the value.

    THE BOX of collectors items (i.e. S&W Registered Magnum) will add $1000+ to value. A BOX (i.e. Registered Magnum) will add $500+ to value.

    High condition items will sell better if box is present.
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    I have seen boxes sell for hundreds of dollars and have seen boxes cost me thousands.
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    Years ago I knew someone that had many nice old firearms,Browning A-5s,Model 12 and model 42 Winchesters,Colts and S&Ws that were new and in the box,some of the shotguns had never been put together.He also had several Winchester 61s,63s that were still new and had the hang tags with the price from a long ago closed hardware store.Since none of the 22s were in boxes I always thought they were shipped several to a box and there were no Winchester 61 or 63 boxes but I don't know for sure.
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    Just watched an original box for a S&W registered magnum sell for $1500. So yes, the box can make one helluva a difference. Just depends on which market you play in...
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    A gun dealer friend of mine came home to find his wife had cleaned up the basement.

    She had burnt a pile of those boxes. All of the boxes for the new guns in the rack.

    Yes, they meant something to him.
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    Not always but generally the box matters. I paid more for box and papers for Texas Commemorative 94 Winchester than dad paid for gun. It was flawless and unfired.

    Depending on condition, the old colored boxes for 37 Winchesters going for $300-$500.
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    I'm am my depression era parents.
    Have almost every box for the items we have.
    IMHO- with the box = mo money
    Box with all the original paper work even mo money
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    How can you know that a gun shoots well right out of the box if you don?t have the box?
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    I have all my new gun boxes in the attic

    just can't throw them away

    the wife will when I ain't around no more unless the boys stop her
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    It makes a pretty big difference to me on handguns, but less so on long guns. Any rare or highly collectible item like my Dan Wesson 1 of 150 Razorback's or Bren Ten Special Forces Lite (SFL), I almost won't buy without it... Almost.
    While I'd never do hundreds of dollars (or more) for a box that doesn't match my gun, I probably have added that much to the package price on certain ones if it had a matching one.
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    Maybe just me but buying a firearm with the orig. box, my feeling is that it was probably better kept & cared for than just selling a firearm itself. Maybe not worth a whole lot more but a better "warm & fuzzy feeling" :o
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