How do I login? How do I get my name back?

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Welcome to the updated GunBroker.com Forums.

One of the features of this new forums is Single Sign On (SSO). This new forum will use your GunBroker.com auction-side account credentials to sign onto the forum. (Effective January 7th, 2020) .

GunBroker.com provides this gun forum to allow users to engage in open discussion regarding topics of interest to our community. Forums membership is restricted to GunBroker.com account holders in good standing. If you do not have a GunBroker.com auction-side account, you will need to open one first before you will be able to create a forums account. Forums members are expected to follow Community Guidelines.

To Login:

Click the Sign-In button on the top of the page.

  • If you are not logged into the GunBroker auction-side, it will direct you to Log Into GunBroker.com. Enter your Auction side credentials: email or Auction username, and auction side password.
  • If you are logged into GunBroker when you come to the forums, you may see a green "sign in with gunbroker" text. Click that and it will automatically sign you in. If your auction email matches your email you had on file for the old forums, your account will be connected.

This page on the auction side (My GunBroker Account Info) shows what we have on file. The public email address is what the forums will use to match to login.


My GunBroker > My Account > Account information

Under Account information, look for a box labeled "Emails"


If you can login and have questions about Forums, IE have trouble associating your legacy account, please email [email protected]

If you are having trouble accessing your GunBroker.com Auction side account, email [email protected]

Don't remember my GunBroker Auction Login:

If you are having trouble logging into your GunBroker.com Auction side account, email [email protected]

My old forums account isn't linked with Auction side:

If you can login to GunBroker auction side, and have come to the forums and it is not associating your Auction side account with your old forums account, please do the following:

  1. Check what GB Auction side has on file as your public email address
  2. To see what email that is, go to My GunBroker > My Account > Account information and look for a box labeled "Emails" . https://www.gunbroker.com/a/my-gunbroker/my-account/account-info
  3. Email [email protected] with the public email address you have on file with GB Auction side, your GB Auction Username, and your Forums username.

I don't see anything on forums:

I can login, but it won't let me post, or I can login but nothing is showing up.

If this happens, email [email protected]

All other issues, please comment below and we will review and address them here.

Thank you!


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    This sub forum is for questions involving this forum.

    GB Customer Service must be contacted regarding auction questions, including billing, support, and account questions. Customer service cannot be contacted through this forum. You must go through the auction site. 
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