How do I report a problem?

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Don't remember my GunBroker Auction Login:

If you are having trouble logging into your GunBroker.com Auction side account, email [email protected]

My old forums account isnt linked with Auction side:

If you can login to GunBroker auction side, and have come to the forums and it is not associating your Auction side account with your forums legacy account, please email [email protected]

Permissions Issues:

I can login, but it won't let me post, or I can login but nothing is showing up.

email [email protected]

All other issues, please comment below and we will review and address them here.

Thank you!


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    How do I list a new post? I can edit my old posts but can't see how to list a new question!

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    Click on "New Discussion"

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    How does one go about changing the clock, GB said I posted at 2:44 a.m.........I was asleep at 2:44 a.m. LOL

  • AliciaK01AliciaK01 Member Posts: 2
    Recently bid on firearm and the the local dealer never sent a FFL.  Is there a deadline for them to send it in? What happens if the seller never gets the FFL? Am I liable for Gunbroker fees?  Am I liable and how is this  GB fee calculated? 
  • AliciaK01AliciaK01 Member Posts: 2
    What happens if I win a bid on firearm I thought was something else and discover (less than 2 business days later) the firearm the seller posted is not what I wanted.  Due to physical limitations, I will not be able to use the one that was listed although I thought it was the same.  The  firearm has not yet been sent, local FLL dealer did not send their paperwork,and the check has not yet been received.  Cant the seller just re-post the item and sell it to someone else?  This is a first time purchase for me. 
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    This sub forum is for questions about the forum and not the auction site. There is no link to the auction site from this forum, and no auction questions ae answered here. 
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