I want my name back

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Will someone with the proper tools please change my name back on the forum to Ricci Wright.

Edit by Admin:  Explanation and Solution

The main reason this is happening to users is because the email from your gunbroker auction account does not match the email you had on file for the forums.

When you log onto this system, it looks for an auction side account with the same email address.

If the forums finds your old/legacy forums account, and matches the email, it will connect you and keep your username and previous posts. 

If it does not detect a forums account with the auction email, it will create a new account. It won't let you use your old forums name because there is already an account with that username already in use.

How to resolve:

If the system does not recognize you, we need to manually connect the accounts to maintain your legacy account. Please send an email to [email protected] Include your Forums account name, your Auction account Username, and any email addresses you might have used on either platform.

Note: DO NOT make changes to your auction-side account.


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