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Type of filler material you use ,,,,,,, take 2

Okie743Okie743 Member Posts: 2,601 ✭✭✭✭
forgemonkey wrote: (from the previous closed subject. Type of filler material used.
,I shot 5 rounds (Unique) ,,,,, there is fouling but not excessive. The 5gr. appears to be close to max for the 91gr. bullet.
I was shooting the Unique through a rifle barrel instead of a pistol barrel. Might be why I was seeing the severe burnt powder fouling. I now call the Unique dirt powder.
I was testing the Unique at plus several other powders from  centerfire rifles, 223 calibers and trying to find a good accurate low velocity load for squirrel hunting using a 35-50 gr bullet and the Unique after each shot would almost block all light when looking through the barrel (might not foul as much if shot through a shorter barrel such as a pistol????) after each shot and I could point the gun barrel up and fire a shot and then down and fire a shot and the group would change quite a bit at 50 yards. I started pushing a jag through the barrel after each shot so as I would not be sending additional shots into a severely fouled barrel. When I tried the fillers with Unique and other powders that were sensitive to the up/down barrel points group changes. The powders I were testing were also very senstive to powder weight for group shift. (velocity) I still could not get a consistent accurate group using fillers with the senstive powders.. When I tested the 5744 it was not up/down sensitive and very accurate and the powder weight for good grouping was not as sensitive as the Unique and others. The 5744 is also a good choice for low velocity low recoil loads for the larger center fire calibers. (30/30 velocities) and will allow recoil sensitive people to hunt or practice with even magnum caliber guns.
Choice of primers was also a factor. Had to use small pistol primers non magnum type plus few other recipes. Also what is nice about reduced loads even in the larger calibers is I can use my brass hulls that are no longer suitable for Hi velocity loads. The hulls are not subjected to additional stretching, etc when using low velocity loads.

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