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  • dok2udok2u Member Posts: 102
    Thanks for the question and the great pictures.  You are correct; it is a 1906 luger with the 32-round magazine and loader. You can search the GB auction side for current and past sales of each of the three individual items -- 1) 1906 luger, 2) 32-round luger drum, and 3) luger magazine loading tool.  You can also do a similar seach on the website of Simpson Ltd. in Galesburg, Illlinois.  As to finding exact values, however, that is somewhat of a challenge.  First, a great deal depends on condition.  Yours seem to be in very good condition, but "condition" is always very subjective.  Second, a great deal depends on the reputation of the seller.  If you have no record on the auction side of GB, for example, some buyers may be reluctant to bid because of your lack of an established track record.  Third, a great deal depends on the economy.  A lot of people, including myself, recently have lost tremendous amounts of money and consequently won't be buying anything at anytime soon.  Sorry I wasn't able to be more helpful, but if you search the auction side and Simpson, you will get a ballpark idea of the dollar amount involved here.  Best of luck
  • rufe-snowrufe-snow Member Posts: 18,649 ✭✭✭
    The serial number is off, according to my reference. The 1906's, (grip safety pistols), were in serial number range. 25,000-39,000. Your serial number is 49,747.  This is in the serial number range for the Model 1908's, (made without the grip safety). 
    I have seen the circle "B" marking on Brazilian Lugers. But they were in 30 caliber, with 4 3/4" barrels. 

    Because of the above, and the commercial export marking of "Germany" on the Luger. I believe your Luger, was assembled from surplus parts, after the First World War. For sale in the U.S. 
    Unfortunately this would have a negative effect, on its value to a collector.

  • rufe-snowrufe-snow Member Posts: 18,649 ✭✭✭
    Further research, identifies it.  As a "1920 Commercial ". This is a category of Luger's that were exported to the U.S.. After the First World War, circa 1919-1929?.

    Very uncommon to see a "1920 Commercial", Model 1906 Luger. Most were Model 1908 German military Lugers. That had been rebarreled  with 3 7/8", 30 caliber barrels. 

    Back in that time frame, immediately after the end of W W I. Germany was on the ropes. Anything that could be sold/exported, to the U.S. for hard currency was. Who knows, at this late date? Where your 1906 was obtained? Might have been stashed away, forgotten in some warehouse. As part of military contract, that was canceled? Doesn't appear to have any military or commercial proof marks. That are normally found, on all German Lugers. Only the "Germany" marking, which is a defining characteristic. Of the Lugers destined for export/sale to the U.S.  

    The country of origin, was required on all manufactured products, exported to the U.S. for commercial sale.
  • dok2udok2u Member Posts: 102
    edited March 2020
    The serial number is fine.  Davis notes that the known serial numbers for the 1906 Commercial range from 25050 to 69000 (page 57), so your number is well withing that range.  The U.S. Tariff Act of 1890 required the country of origin mark, so last time I checked 1890 was a little before the appearance of the 1906 Commercial Lugers.  After noting that this model is "scarce," Davis even states that "A very few were marked 'Germany'...."  (p. 56).  One last point, the Trommel (Drum) magazine and the loading tool had to be added sometime after October 1916, when Mr. Blum invented them.  Yours shows marking of the Gebruder Bing A.G. which, according to Davis, started manufacturing them the following month.  Show the pictures to the folks on Jan Still's luger board and see what they say.  Once again, best of luck.
  • wiz1997wiz1997 Member Posts: 1,051 ✭✭
    My only advise is do not shoot it with modern ammo.
    Modern ammo is to hot for that old model.

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