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Does anyone know the measurements of the ejector of .22 LR and the .22mag? I need to know the difference please . thanks


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    I found a place that lists ejector long and ejector short but it doesn't give measurements:


    I used dogpile.com  for the search but didn't find any discussions, diagrams, or parts listings that told the sizes.

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    We had some at one time  but never thought o  get any measurements. Not  sure of the  difference in the  22 LR and Magnum
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    The long and short are for two different guns, the long one is for the 49R repeater. Numrich shows two different part numbers for the .22 lr, and the .22 mag. Of course out of stock for the magnum. I would call them and ask.

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    I have a diagram for a 22 rimfire "ejector trip" from Wisner's "Hard-To-Find" parts drawing book. It doesn't specify magnum so I would guess it's 22LR. It's an odd shaped part so I will try to scan the page & email it to you.
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    I have parts for the model 49 in Cal. 22 short, long, & long rifle listed on the auction side. I measured the ejector: overall length - 0.938", shaft diameter - 0.135", and head diameter - 0.224 ".  These might be off a thousandth or two. I thought I had an ejector for the magnum but did not locate it. Maybe this will help.
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