Survey ??

Please indulge me. And thanks for any input.
For you .45acp reloaders,,,,,,What COAL dimension do you load your 230gr. ball ammo ??


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    And the survey says...
    Original SAAMI drawing and specs:
    Currently however those specs have been changed to read (1.190" - 1.275").
    My COAL varies slightly due to the specific bullet I am loading at the time and in what particular pistol it will be feeding. Even the traditional Ball bullets will have some differences in shape and length. Not all ramps OR chambers are created equal so I take those variables into consideration. Each pistol has its own mini reloading manual with all data and measurements duly recorded.

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    Thank you gentlemen, I’m in the middle of a project/test and your info is appreciated.
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    how's the project going?
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