Mystery document under barrel M 1933 Ethiopian Mauser

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I recently purchase an all matching Mauser Standard Modell 1933 long rifle with Ethiopian crest and Lion of Judah markings (serial # A2XXX). Upon disassembly, I found a 4 x 11 inch sheet of paper folded into fourths so it fit in the stock barrel channel under the barrel. The paper was very old, with Amharic(?) or some other Arabic-style writing all over it (see attached partial image, might be upside down!). Can anyone tell me how or where I can get this mystery paper translated? Thanks! - Cleo45


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    Contact local collage or university, to try to locate a amharic speaker.
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    I would humbly suggest that the document may be in Hebrew or in one of the early hacidic proto linguistic drift offshoots...

    Many have no idea that the population of Ethiopia while having been invaded and conquered and occupied and ruled by Islamic neighbors that the country largely was and still is made up of Ethiopian Jew's...

    Purportedly the lost arc of the covenant is hidden there inside a fortress temple - and more than one Pope has visited - in fact several papel relatives and the children of saints or knights Templar intermarried with members of Ethiopian royal lineage and prominent wealthy merchant traders...

    Ethiopia was a major tranship and trading port were essentially Europe and Asia had all their commerce and goods and deals with the tribes of Africa and the Egyptians had to occur in and pass thru the Ethiopians bottle neck militarized fortress choke point and port city.

    Fascinating history - Mussolini while dictator of Italy and part of the axis of evil invaded Ethiopia and deposed the grand nagus (no not the ferengi from star trek)...

    Negus (Ge'ez: ንጉሥ, nəgueś ; cf. Tigrinya: ነጋሲ negus) is a royal title in the Eritrean and northern Ethiopia Semitic languages.[1] It denotes a monarch,[2] such as the Bahri Negasi (King of the Sea) of the Medri Bahri kingdom in pre-1890 Eritrea, and the Negus in pre-1974 Ethiopia. The Negus is referred to as An-Najashi (النجاشي) in the Islamic tradition

    Italy still has not returned the cultural objects they looted - including many of the obelisks - the history of the people is carved into the surface of these pillars of stone like ancient newspaper headlines.

    Just a somewhat educated shot in the dark - possibly I may be right.


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    Looks like my handwriting. Are some of the words misspelled???
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    How about a smart phone app?

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    I tried the smart phone ap, didn't get far since I could not determine exact language and the OCR software was giving me garbage. Still lots of options for OCR translation so will keep trying there. Got a buddy that was ex-Beret who speaks several old and new Middle Eastern languages. No comment there yet. Good point on the Jewish connection to Ethiopia, all possibilities are open at this point. Thanks everyone for the input!
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    Looks like the Arabic alphabet to me.  I've compared it with a number of examples online and that's sure what it looks like. 

    Edit to add;
    Be sure to come back when you get a full translation and share it with us.  If you do that over in General Discussion you will be able to have a much longer discussion as Ask The Experts is limited to 10 replies. 
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    Sorry - thread response error / my fault.

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    Thanks NeoBlackdog, you got it right! I also got a partial response in Arabic on Google Translate but it is not picking up all the words so the final product is pretty jumbled. May also be differences in dialect that are giving Google fits. Have an "old school"  human translator working on it now.
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    Additional information of interest gathered based on multiple requests

    For those who are interested in pursuing the subject further

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