1885 Takedown model

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     I have a nice Winchester 1885  Takedown  in .22 LR  caliber.       I am curious about how many Takedown models were made?       If possible, please include both total Takedowns and just  .22  Rimfire  Takedowns.       Thank you !


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    "If" those numbers exist, Bert H would have them. Click on his name above here in the stickies, and PM him.
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    The answer cannot be determined with 100% accuracy, as many of the Take Down Model 1885s were manufactured beyond serial number 109999 (where the surviving factory records end).  What I can tell you, is that the total number of Take Downs in all variations is quite likely to be somewhere north of 4000, with the bulk of that number being .22 caliber rim fires.  Thus far, I have found 1,191 listed in the factory warehouse ledger records (and I am not done looking), and I have surveyed several hundred more in the 110000 - 140000 serial number range.  

    Bert H.
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