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Looking for a Marlin 30-30 model 30B

Looking for a Marlin 30-30 model 30B

I had one as a kid that got sold by a family member that was supposed to be "Keeping it for me", while I was in the military.

When I moved out of state in "91" I seen one in a pawn shop but couldn't justify spending the money (not that I had it after literally just moving my family through 4 states)

Anyhow I do know it was a Marlin (don't remember if it had Glenfield on it I don't think so)

But was a Model B or 30B.

I have a 336 but would like to replace the model I had.

I have found Model 30A, quite a bit here on Gun Broker as well as other places. And now and then a Model 30C wil pop up.

Would really like to find this gun even in poor condition.

Or even a photo of yours with the chamber markings (not the serial number) so I can show at gun shows so people will quit looking at me like I have two heads when they have never heard of it.

Thanks for reading this post

Ron Cooper



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