Marlin Model 90 410

Wilson90Wilson90 Member Posts: 6
I purchased my first Marlin yesterday at an estate auction. When I was young I used my father's Model 60 .22 squirrel hunting, but never owned one myself. As I was looking through the online catalog of guns for the estate, an over/under Model 90 caught my eye. I looked up as much information on the gun as I could find and decided that if I could I would purchase the gun. It went for more than I initially wanted to spend, but I bought it anyway.

The gun is a Model 90 double trigger 410. The stamp on the receiver is DXXX so from what I gathered it was produced in 1947. The receiver is silver and has very detailed scroll work with a squirrel on one side and a rabbit on the opposite side. The wood seems to be an upgrade over most other M90 that I have seen.

I was wondering if anyone has any additional information on the gun. I will take some pictures this evening and post them.


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