Riddle me this, please,, Part 2

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    I think the case is nearly straight, so it has a lot of grip area because its really long for the diameter.  I don't think the action is all that strong, so pushing pressures up could get interesting.

    The rim thickness on the new manufactured cases could be off and so could the chamber - manufacturing has much better tolerances these days (sometimes).  I offered some suggestions for correcting both the brass or the chamber to address the head space issue.  The firing pin is at an angle fix by the design.  Maybe you could change the linkage a little to get the pin more towards the center if the brass or chamber fix doesn't correct it enough. 

    Bushing the breach block or making an oversize firing pin would correct the primer flow issue if there is one.

    Group size is impressive and that is what counts to me.  I still think re-barreled with an 8mm (Mauser) and chambered in 32-40 would have been a good option.  I haven't seen one for years but they made stellite lined ones for aviation use.

    I missed a 25 Cal Lovern mold the other day, still looking.
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    Bill & Charlie,,,,,,,
    I have .0055” difference between existing ‘pin’ and FP hole. I will make another pin first, if no progress I will step by step experiment with your and others suggestions.
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