Frag Pistol Ammo

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I read on a gun website forum that some brands of frag ammo wears the barrel out prematurely. Anybody here have any insights?
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    I think most frangible ammo now uses a polymer tip, which, like copper, is nowhere near as hard as any type of steel used in barrels.
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    I bought some frangible, 45 acp bullets years ago. They were light for caliber, and I intended to use them  for reloading. Got took, for the proverbial Nantucket sleigh ride. The sintered copper powder they were made of, was faulty. Lot of them broke feeding from the mag into the chamber. Or when trying to crimp the bullet, after seating. Because of the potential for serious injury. I quit then and there.

    Like I noted above, they were copper powder with some sort of a binder.  Don't see how they could affect the barrel? Less the binder has some  sort of abrasive effect?
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