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I'm a Maryland resident looking to purchase a Glock 21 because they're pretty much non-existent here. What's the process for transferring purchased firearms to your home state? This obviously is my first time purchasing online. Feels a bit odd. Give me some insight please folks. Thanks.


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    Each State has their own laws, pertaining to the purchase of firearms. Federal law requires you to use a "01" FFL, to receive a out of state firearm. You can't legally purchase a handgun directly. It has to be transferred, through a FFL licensed in Maryland.

    The Gunbroker database, has a list of Maryland based FFL's. Best if you contact one of them directly. For specific information on purchasing a out of state firearm.
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     Being some states have more restrictive laws than federal law, first you make sure the pistol/magazine combination is legal to own/buy in your locality. Then you secure any state permits that may be required to own/purchase said firearm in your state/locality. Next you secure the services of a federally licensed firearms dealer near where you live. There is a list of transferring dealers on the GB auction page. Down near the bottom of the main Auction page there is a box labeled "Areas of Interest". One of the options listed is "Find an FFL" Contact an FFL dealer BEFORE you bid/buy a firearm. They will need to provide a copy of their FFL license to the seller. Be in contact with the seller, and receiving dealer before you bid, and iron out any differences there may be in the sending/receiving of the license copy.  Many dealers make up their own screwy rules about this stuff. Once all that is figured out, you bid. If you win you notify the transferring dealer, and he will get his license copy off to the seller. Once the seller has your money, and the transferring dealer license copy, he will ship the firearm.  When the transferring dealer receives the firearm, you meet up with him and do all the hocus-pocus to transfer the firearm to you.
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    They are pretty much non-existent in MD gun shops because the 13 rd mag is no longer legal in MD; 10 rds is the limit unless the mag was grandfathered to the current possessor.  Do they even make a 10 rd mag for the G21?  Plus, every specific model handgun imported into MD must be listed on the state police Maryland Handgun Roster (online on their website).
    I suggest that you talk to Chad at Fox's Firearms in Laurel; he is a Glock Blue Label Dealer, & he is certified by MSP to do some things that the rest of us can't do.
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    Could there be a bridge involved in this thread?
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    nmyers said:
    They are pretty much non-existent in MD gun shops because the 13 rd mag is no longer legal in MD; 10 rds is the limit unless the mag was grandfathered to the current possessor.  Do they even make a 10 rd mag for the G21?  
    During the the hi-cap mag ban (10+). Between 1993 and 2003. Glock made quite a number, of 10 round magazines. For their various models. I must have had at least 1/2 dozen, for my G 17 & G 20.

    After 2003, they pretty much disappeared though. Although I still run across them occasionally, in discount bins in stores and gun shows.
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    First step is make sure you have an HQL or are exempt from needing it. Then contact your nearest FFL dealers and tell them your interested in purchasing a handgun online and would like to ship it to them. They will let you know what they charge for the transfer process and paperwork. Then you browse GB and pick which Glock 21 you want, Contact the seller if the magazine holds more than 10 rounds and tell them you live in Maryland and if they have any 10 round magazines to swap mags, if they don’t have any 10 rounders tell them to ship the handgun without the magazines. They ship the handgun to your FFL and you go there and complete the paperwork, see if he has any 10 round mags for sale while your there, or drive over to West Virginia and buy any capacity magazines you want for it.
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