.38 Special Milsurp

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I have acquired 300 rounds of .38 special Milsurp ammo. I am assuming 130gr fmj with brass case. They are clean and shiny in bottom box (outter box is gone). They are headstamped: WCC66, WCC69, RA70, WCC72.
Do these have any collector value, or should I just consider them range ammo?


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    It's M41 Ball and was loaded well into the 1980's for the USAF. It remains rather common. The original box for the Olin (WCC) would be a while cardboard box of 50 rounds and marked (in blue) BALL CALIBER .38 M41 followed by the lot number. The Remington ammo- which I believe had a green box- is a bit harder to find. Sadly, without boxes the ammo has no collector value, but it is a curiosity. If someone were the have a USAF M15 Combat Masterpiece or any of the .38 Special revolvers issued to US naval aviators, I'm sure they wouldn't mind buying six rounds. Otherwise, don't plan your retirement around proceeds from selling that ammo ;)

    There is nothing wrong with the ammo itself, but M41 Ball was notoriously under powered. it also had a reputation for grouping poorly. Military loads required ball ammo, so the M41 was a quick and easy expedient.
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    +1 on the comment that M41 ammo is underpowered. 
    I can't believe they sent our troops in harm's way with those loads. 
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