MBA-201 Signal Kit Gyro-Signal Distress Kit & A/P25s-1

KirowayKiroway Member Posts: 3
I have both of these kits. The MBA-201 is new, never fired and has 7 flares. The information card isn't perfect, but it's good. The A/P25S-1 is a bit beat up, but has 7 flares that are unused.It's information card is pretty tattered.
They belonged to John E. Taylor, Jr. He flew in WWII, Korea and Vietnam. He retired a Major General. When he passed away, I bought virtually all of the militaria he saved. A couple hundred pounds of stuff. I donated the bulk of it to a mom & pop museum in one of the cities he was a commander in. But, I kept these because I was a bit afraid of shipping them.

I'm curious if anyone has any more information about these two kits. 


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