knights armament legacy sr15

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Would anyone have an idea on what an early Knights sr-15 would be worth , I believe it is referred to as a Mod 0 or legacy. In FDE, or have seen it referred to as Taupe. Unfired with some light storage wear. My dealer has one and I have not been able to find much reference toward current value on this early model. Thanks for any help.


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    I went to my reference. Because years ago I had that DAO pistol, made by Knight for Colt, (Aluminum receiver, not plastic).

    Are you absolutely  sure it's a MOD 0? As Knight made  different versions, of the SR-15. The MOD 0, was the sniper rifle, they made for the Army and Marines,( In 7.62). Big buck item, all production for the military. There are no MOD 0's, listed in the SR-15 category. According to my reference.  
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    The Mod 0 came up from numerous google searches, so no I am not positive on the mod 0. It is a 5.56. One of the 1st things that comes up with a search for knights armament mod 0 is an old gunsamerica listing with the exact rifle my dealer has. Listing says it was a limited run of 500 units. There are a few other sites with minimal similar info. Once again, internet and I'm never quite sure what is all 100% accurate, I usually can find an ended gun broker listing to compare to, that's what making this one so difficult, do not want to over pay and don't want to miss out if it is something fairly rare. Thanks for checking your reference material for me. 
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    In my experience, demand is what establish's value not rarity. My reference is over 10 years old. But it still puts a high value, on the various rifles made buy Knights Armament.

    The only thing I would question,  would be the FDE finish. To me that wouldn't be original, given when it was made in the 1990's. Any time anything  that is done to alter a collectors firearm, after it has left the original factory. Is a red flag, that detracts from it's  value. I wouldn't be paying top buck, for something that isn't factory original.
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