Fairbrian Sykes Dagger, Roped and Ribbed Handle

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Have been informed that this is a rare variation of the Fairbrian Sykes knife. It has the roped and ribbed handle with the broad arrow and #2 below the guard. Also has"England" on the guard. I do not collect these knives and have no idea what it is worth. Hope the photos make it. My email is; [email protected]


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    "England" marking, is the country of origin. Required by US law, for manufactured products imported for sale to the States. Because of this, it is very unlikely it is a original, dating to the Second World War.

    In light of the above, most likely post W W II, repo. Specifically,  made for commercial sale in U.S.
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    Thanks for your info. I have seen a number of F-S knives that the WWII vets brought back that had the "England" stamped on the guard. Did the Gov`t require this for bring back during the war? Thanks, Loren
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    Far as I know, country of origin.  Is only required for all manufactured products, that are exported for commercial sale. In the U.S. 

    What the laws are in England. Regarding the production and sale of these knives, I don't know? 
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    A Gent just showed me a book entitled "Military Knives, A Reference Book". Here is what I found in it. Hope the photos show up. This knife was in England and at the war`s end, sold to the United States. I read the rest of the article and very few of these have showed up. The author states that number of these roped and ringed knives he has seen he can count on one hand. This knife was purchased through a estate auction. of a WWII vet. As far as the value???????
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    You're in the right place to find the value if you're willing to part with it. Put it up for auction with lots of good photos. Write up the history of where you got it as best you can, including when and where the vet served if you can find out. Start at 99 cents and see what it brings.

    If you just want a number, my totally wild guess is $500. Not based on anything but guts. Could be off either way by a factor of 10.
    I used to recruit for the NRA until they sold us down the river (again!) in Heller v. DC. See my auctions (if any) under username henryreilly
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