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I've got a 20 gallon Amano fish tank, shared with 2 Panda Garras and 2 Hillsteam Loaches. I guess I was the lucky the Hillstream Loaches are a mating pair. I now have about 20-30 babies swimming around the tank. There could be even more as I really can't count them and there all different sizes. You cant see some on the rocks and one on the moss ball.


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    It's that time of the year for baby fishies. Had to look up what they are. They're kind a trippy that their bodies change from regular to somewhat flatfish like.

    I got 8 female peacocks holding that I had planed to kidnap the babies early this morning. I got up only to find out the lamp timer had crapped out (it just stays on). So there is no way I was going to catch them while groggy. So I reckon I'll be lose the clutch. Pretty sure if I go in with the net there is a good chance they'll spit the babies in panic. Or maybe they'll be so hungry and weak from holding that they'll be easy to catch? I guess I got nothing to lose. 

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    Now I must have at least 40 of them and some of them are starting to flatten out. I've got a fish store near by that will buy them. Their also starting to cling to the aquarium class and I'll probably need a credit card to get them off. :):) They sell from $8-$15 depending on where you get them from. During the pandemic I've seen them for as high as $25, not to many people shipping fish. I'll probably keep a dozen or so of them and sell the rest. I've already got 3 adults and one smaller one in the 38 upstairs. 
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    Figure $4 - $7 a pop "wholesale" that's a good chunk of cash. A nice dinner out or with the credit get another tank and build your fish farm. I suppose maybe a new gun after a few batches going to market? I can see you with a 50 gallon full of them breeding to flood the local market. How do you grow algae for them? Got a kiddie pool in in your back yard with rocks you swap out? That'll also attract mosquito and they make great free food source. I got buckets with water for that. Basically once a week empty the bucket by pouring out the water through the net in to another bucket to catch them. Depending on the mesh of the net you'll just harvest the big ones (about the merge as adults) and the smaller ones will be collected later in the bucket. 

    I managed to catch 3 girls yesterday. There is a fourth one I recall seeing breeding a week ago so she was basically holding eggs so I skipped her. I missed out on a few that was holding they must've spat them out before I got to them. The one that pops out albinos (the mother) was one of them. I did catch her daughter and she spat out couple of albinos. I lost a few when they panicked and spat the babies out where they got bit through the net by the other fish.

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    My algae on that tank grows naturally caused by the light above it. If not I give them a few algae pellets every know and then. The 4 I have upstairs are doing fine even though there's almost no algae on the glass. They probably get enough from the algae pellets I give the other bottom feeders in that tank. Just this morning I got 7 white clouds and 2 Kribense's for the tank upstairs. The bags are floating as I speak.  As far as trying to grow anything outside for one, the season is to short and I don't trust the weather here either. Then on top of that I'd have to bring them inside when the weather gets cooler.  And then I'd have to ask where would I put them all ???
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    Lightly boiled squash like zucchini like the end you slice off algae eaters and cichlids love that. Spinach, too frozen or again lightly boiled. I tie it to a bit of braided Dacron with a rock so it sinks but with enough line out of the tank so your fingers don't get wet fishing out the rock. So they get variety of veg.

    Ah I wanted to fill my 125 with generations of Kribs but they didn't wanna help my vision. Like my 100 I wanted to turn in to  black water with Cardinals but I needed to move the boys in to that. When ever I want a particular male peacock to breed I can fish them out and throw them in to the 125. Playing with genetics can be fun.

    Short season is fine since mosquitos are done by fall. Dump the water out of the bucket and stack them until next year. Couple of 5 gallon buckets don't take up much space. Even in my tiny patio. Keeping a small tub of veg in the freezer does take up less space.

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