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Resentment rather than anger.

bpostbpost Member Posts: 32,229 ✭✭✭✭
I am not angry at BLM and ANTIFA types.  I resent the hell out of them telling me I am responsible for their lot in life and am supposed to pay for the sins of our forefathers.  My blood fought in the Civil War, they were on the Union side, we paid our dues.  I heard on NPR today some bimbo claiming reparations in the amount of 150-170K should be a start at evening the wealth gap.  White folks owe reparations like we paid to the Japanese that were interred during WWII.  How the hell somebody can claim they are owed money for something that did not happen to them is beyond my comprehension.  FDR did an unconstitutional act and those folks deserved to be made whole.  Of course FDR was a (D). 
Well they can all KMA.  In this country, racist people or not Systemic racism or not we have equal opportunity to do well or fail.  Show me systemic racism and I will stand tall to stop it.  It does not exist, PERIOD. The Professional Black Victim Culture has made over 5 decades of excuses for their failed culture of violence and blaming me for their messed up lives.  I am no more responsible for their lot in life as I am responsible for their aborting almost 1/2 of all blacks or sticking a gun in someones face and robbing them.
Yup, I resent the living hell out of these people that are making the way they choose to live my fault.  I refuse to accept responsibility for their irresponsibility.
They better leave me alone, I am not going to put up with their crap.


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