Need some ideas, Son, DIL and grandson relocating to North Eastern seaboard

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My youngest is leaving Seattle for the East coast.  His wife has an opportunity to be transferred and they want out of the Seattle area.  They agree NYC, NY state, New Jersey are out.  She will be doing 99% remote work by internet so living in a city is not important.  She has family in Connecticut.  What states or areas would you suggest to look based on schools, taxes and quality of life?
Delaware possibly?  What are the drawbacks to Connecticut?  Taxes can be insane on the east and west are some areas better for a young family trying to save for a home?


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    I would look farther north to Vermont or New Hampshire

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     Conn. is a bad one
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    Having lived in NY/NJ for quite a number of years, and traveled to most of the others, the only States I would consider moving back to up there would be ME, NH, VT.

    WMA. (Great Barrington, etc.) Is nice, except for their restrictive gun rights.

    Extreme NE TN/W NC ya'll. 😁

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    savage170 said:

    I would look farther north to Vermont or New Hampshire

    Definately NH, they have constatutional carry.  Just look around as RE taxes are vastly different from town to town.  I would not recommend VT it has some new gun laws that are pretty bad.
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    Why North? LOL I would look in Tenn, Georgia, SC, NC, or West by God Virginia
    Why don't we go to school and work on the weekends and take the week off!
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     Maine is the State to hid in if your doing brain work. Grunt work then your out of luck. Mostly service work only.

    The state offers exceptional healthcare, boasting a multitude of acute care and specialty hospitals. Maine Medical Center (MMC) in Portland serves as the premier tertiary care center in northern New England. The center provides comprehensive inpatient services in all medical specialties. It is also recognized for the Diabetes Center, the AIDS Consultation Service, the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital, and the Center for Lipids and Cardiovascular Health.

    Maine leads the country in high school graduation rates, and ranks in the top 10% of states for quality of education. All seventh and eighth graders are issued with a laptop computer, the only program of its kind in the world. Maine was the first state to provide 100% of schools and libraries with internet access.

    The state is also one of the greatest natural playgrounds in the world with thousands of miles of spectacular coastline, majestic mountain ranges and crystal-clear lakes and rivers. It is home to 18 ski resorts, 32 state parks and Acadia National Park.

    There are more historical forts than in any other US state. Many historic homes are preserved as museums, among them those of poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and philanthropist Lucy Farnsworth.

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    NH...for sure!
    Retired LEO
    Combat Vet VN
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    Maine sounds like a good place for retirement.  That is if you don't mind the cold winters.  I have never been there but being a life long Michigan resident, it sounds pretty good.  I would enjoy eating a lot more fresh seafood.   Developing that New England accent to fit in with the locals would take some time though!
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