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never have drill when need one........

hillbillehillbille Member Posts: 13,513 ✭✭✭✭
went out to the treestand today to set camera up and fill feeder and put batteries in. As I was heading down the trail something looked odd, the barrell was hanging sideways against the tree, I'm guessing a bear swatted it over into the tree then tried to chew the lid off, it was empty except for a few kernels in bottom and the 1/4 inch of corn dust from last year, as got closer I could see the spinner/feeder was missing it was about 20 yards away, guess he swatted it off.
  went to my sons stand couple miles away and got his barrell/feeder as he isn't gonna be able to hunt this year, I have them hanging about 7-8 feet off ground by a boat winch which I use to raise and lower them, where the bolts went through the side of the plastic barrell I bent eye hooks and bolted them to the barrell and ran the cable through the eye. didn't notice till went to hang his feeder at my stand my eye bolts were bigger around than his and wouldn't go through the barrell. to big a pain to take the winch down and take the eye bolts off cable so got my pocket knife out and started reaming on the hole, gave up after about 10 minutes as it wasn't any bigger, then it HIT ME!!!!!   pulled out the 357 put it against the inside of the barrell right over the hole and pulled the trigger, only mistake was keeping my head over the end of the barrell it was LOUD and I had my hearing aids in to boot, learned my lesson so as I got ready on the other side of the barrell I moved my head right before pulled trigger, not near as bad.

guess got me a new 357 magnum drill............. saved me two hour drive to town and back just to drill out two small holes, backwoods engineering at its finest....


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