455 Eley Shellholder

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I have an S&W 2nd model HE made in 1916 that got as far as a hardware store in St Louis, no British proofs to speak of, and am putting together reloads with the help of Buffalo Arms and Starline.  I'm having a heck of a time finding a correct shellholder for the case.  The ones I've tried as being correct for the 455, Lee and RCBS, are just a tad too wide and allow for too much vertical movement.  Makes priming a challenge because they won't fully seat.  And I've lost a few cases during the case mouth expansion because the slim rim rips off due to the loose shellholder fit.

Any have a similar problem, info as to which shellholder work best?


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    Seems to be a common problem, I'm seeing RCBS #31, and #4, and a Lee #5
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    The original manual Lee loaders, had a priming system. That entailed you putting a primer, on a metal plate. Centering the case over the primer. Then with a punch, smaller in diameter than the I.D. of the case.  "VERY GENTLY", tapping the punch with a small hammer. Seating the primer. 

    It sounds Mickey Mouse, but it works. Back in the day, I've used it to prime ammo. Kind of slow, but it enables you to seat the primers, flush with the case head.
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    "VERY GENTLY" ;)
    Hadn't thought of using that, I remember the set up.  I have an RCBS universal hand held primer too.  Works OK, but kind of a PITA getting the fat short case by the spring powered jaws. 

    Went through all my odds & ends box & found a shellholder marked "11" but no manufacturer name on it.  Tried it, works fine.  On closer inspection it has a small ledge that hold the case solid vertically, so I think it's made for the 455. 

    Probably a good idea to keep it with the 455 dies.     
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    If I'm not mistaken, the number 11 shell holder is for the "original" 7mm Mauser. (they had a much thinner rim than the other cases of the same basic size)

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    I had the same problem and tried epoxying a shim into the Lee shell-holder to take up some of the vertical slack
    That helped until I got a Redding #6 shell holder, which was perfect for those thin rims.
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