Norinco 1911s

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Are the parts interchangeable with US made 1911s?  Asking for a friend. I'm He's curious.


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    far as I know lots of guys used the frames and slides and replaced the internals 
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    Quite a few years ago, one of the then prominent writers for a gun rag did an article about his new race gun built on a Norstinko. The cover intro led you to believe that most of the pistol was used to build a competitive race gun. The article inside then detailed the fact that he simply bought the pistol, dumped all the parts out, threw them away, saving only the slide and frame for his build. Even those two parts were modified as an end result. The writer was ridiculed for months afterwards given the deception of the article.
    Yes, the parts are somewhat interchangeable if you can tolerate the lesser quality of fit and finish.
    You might consider asking member 'forgemonkey' for his opinion.


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    If memory serves at one time the only 1911 s that Bill Wilson would build guns on were either Colt or Norinco. I don't recall ever hearing anything bad about Norinco 1911 s or any other of their products.
  • nononsensenononsense Member, Moderator Posts: 10,587 ******
    Lack of attention to the subject.
    They were badmouthed since they were brought into this country.
    Bill Wilson, like so many builders at the time were buying the cheapest frames and slides they could find to make up the custom builds.
    We were buying 100 complete pistols from Taurus (Brazil) every month or so. Dump the original parts and custom assemble from best quality parts and sights. These, like the Norstinkos, required frame and slide work to get the best fit and function.


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    I remember they liked the Norinco for builds. As for quality I figured they were like nothing fancy Colts. Being 1911 there will be a need to fit.
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    I owned one of the norinco 45’s for about 20 years . Very dependable and loved the way it shot

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    As far as ‘fit’ for accuracy you better have the tools, expertise and understanding of the parts and their interface. 
    I’ve had several on the bench that have been ‘cobbled up’ due to replaced parts without regard to proper tolerance(s) for reliable function, usually resulting in broken barrel links, sheared barrel lugs, ruined slides, etc.
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    Well hell yea!! I would never try to "tune" a 1911 if I didn't have one of them slide squeezers, the untrained call em vices but I got a bunch of other vices if you know what I mean. Then you need a good hammer so you can "fit" read beat the heck out of" the tight slide back on the frame. Except for a little magic filing and bending some inside parts that's about it. But do not try this at home. It is pretty tec na cal and not for those without proper learning.
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