Remington 700 muzzle loader. .54 cal. ?

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I recently purchased one of these from an estate auction (it came 'loaded' btw) that uses the #11 percussion caps. does any one know of a conversion kit to 209 primers for these older Remingtons (1996 t0 2004). or do I have to spend some time at the lathe?


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    I have bought several of these in the past can't remember from who though
    They have worked great for me and still work great on my 700MLs

    my .54caliber likes the Remington Black Powder .44caliber sabots 303grain

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    I've also bought several of the 700ML 209 kits. do a on-line search.
    I have some 50 and 54 caliber both stainless and blued.
    #11 and musket caps suck big air when used in a 700ML
    The 54 caliber is little more picky about what recipe they want for consistent accuracy. (as compared to the 50 cals) I have some of the  NLA 530gr T/C Maxi balls that my 54 700ML likes. (quite a kick)
    ALWAYS wear eye protection when shooting a Rem 700ML, especially so when using 209's.
    The primer blowback is not sealed back through the bolt towards the shooting eye and they also suggest not using the little rain guard tube when suing 209 primers.
    If you do not believe me spray some Rem oil or WD 40 into the bolt firing pin area and touch off a shot with safety glasses on and the blowback oil will coat the lens of the safety glasses.
    Suspect this is one reason Rem stopped making the gun. They covered themselves by stating in the owners manual to ALWAYS wear eye protection when shooting black powder guns.
    Rem would not admit to or discuss this matter.
    Last time I bought a 209 kit they were around $80.
    When they first came out they were around $20.
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    "Last time I bought a 209 kit they were around $80."..............I looked at several of the 'kits' and will probably get the one that offers "sealed' combustion. It has a new 'bolt' head that holds the 209 and seals it into the breech plug.
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    You will imo like that particular muzzleloader. They at least mine was a great shooter. Sorry don't remember what bullets and powder I used.
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    You lucky guys who get to use 209's.... Caps only, and open ignition here in Oregon.... No scopes either.
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