30 carbine

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Have any AR 15 type rifles been  manufactured in this caliber?


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    25 or 30 years ago Olympic Arms made a small run of .30 carbine AR 15s. They told me at the SHOT Show they were hoping to secure a police contract in the Middle East (I took it as meaning Israel), where the M1 Carbine was a popular police and civilian rifle. The upper used a gas system very similar to those used on today's "piston" AR's. The carbine upper was pinned to a standard lower with an adapter to use a 15 round USGI carbine mag in the AR-15 mag well. I never heard another word about the hybrid going into production, and it never showed up in any of the Olympic catalogs (that I remember). With the arrival of the 300 Blackout, the need for a .30 carbine AR has disappeared...if it ever existed. 

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    I'm pretty sure that Oly Arms tried to bring out the .30 Carbine AR platform near 2005. The problem was public lack of acceptance with far too many folks stating it would be a waste of time. The ones released are probably carefully put away to become highly collectable in the future.
    Oly then proceeded to wreck and ruin the .25 WSSM market by buying up the entire production of the cases in order to produce another absolute, abysmal failure in the .300 OSSM. They are still trying desperately to push these uppers and the ammunition onto the public.
    Here are a couple of other solutions:
    IMI (IWI) produced the Magal in .30 M1 Carbine in 1999/2000:

    The MAGAL carbine is a semi-automatic weapon in caliber .30 carbine. The ammunition of the new rifle the, .30 carbine, is a normal choice for the Israeli police because they have large quantities of the M1 Carbines in their inventory. The major modifications made on the MAR micro Galil rifles were changing the barrel, bolt and magazine. But that was not enough; they had to change the gas system too. The 5.56 x 45 mm ammunition produces higher-pressure then the .30 carbine ammo. The gas chamber hole had to be a little larger then the original one and in addition to that, the bolt carrier was also changed.

    The bolt carrier of the Magal carbine is similar to a bolt carrier of the standard Galil rifle, except that the bolt carrier does not incorporate a gas piston in the bolt carrier assembly. The gases from the gas chamber directly hit the extension of the bolt carrier, which acts as a gas piston. It is hard chrome plated on the top, to ease the cleaning procedures.

    In the Magal we can use M1 carbine magazines, but normally a 27 round magazine, produced for the new carbine feeds it. The new magazines are different from the magazines for the M1 carbines in the modified follower, which incorporates the bolt hold open device, to hold the bolt to the rear after the last round was fired. (The M1 Carbine has no automatic hold open device.)

    Inland Manufacturing M30-P Pistol

    The new Inland M30 Series is a collaboration between Inland Manufacturing and Sage International, Ltd. best known for their innovative EBR (Enhanced Battle Rifle) systems that are being used by military forces worldwide. Sage Enhanced Battle Rifle stock systems are precision machined from a solid billet of high strength aircraft grade aluminum and are finished with mil-spec hard anodizing.

    The EBR system increases accuracy and reliability, reduces perceived recoil, provides ambidextrous sling mounts and multiple Picatinny rails for mounting optics and accessories.

    The M30-P is the Pistol variant of the new M30 series that includes the Gearhead Mod-2 Pistol Arm Brace

    Caliber: .30 carbine

    Magazine capacity: 10

    Barrel length: 12”

    Total length: 29.75” with extended pistol brace / 26.75” collapsed pistol brace

    Barrel groove: 4

    Twist rate: 1 x 20”

    Weight: 5. lb

    MSRP: $1729.00 Click to “BUY NOW” at the INLAND DEPOT


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    A small archival pictorial essay of .30 carbine rifles / short rifles / carbines / SMG's and short barreled rifles - AOW items...

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