Ruger Blackhawk cylinder jams

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My Ruger New Model Blackhawk in .45 LC is brand new(bought new off gunbroker) The gun was made in 2016. The first time I tried to shoot it the cylinder jammed. I could see that the transfer bar safety was getting stuck under the firing pin. The bar drops down as normal when the hammer begins to cock. As I continue to cock the hammer the transfer bar moves up but it lodges under the firing pin. The revolver does not exhibit this behavior when unloaded. Any ideas?


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    why was the word "cock" removed from my post. This is standard firearm lexicon,
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    Because C- o - c - k -e d contains the word C-o c-k, and we don't talk about chickens around here..........
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    When I "applied reward leverage to the hammer" is that an acceptable way of describing the action of cocking a revolver?

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    If it is only binding when the gun is loaded, then look for a burr around the firing pin bushing, or zero barrel/cylinder gap.  Drag between barrel and cylinder will cause binding and often is the result of an improperly fitted cylinder pin bushing, causing excessive fore and aft play.    Are you using factory ammo, or handloads?  
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    I was using cowboy loads that are made with used brass. I will look at the cylinder gap and firing pin. Thanks for your help.
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    i had two vaquero 357's do this.  my problem was the cylinder pin was moving forward, towards the muzzle, when fired.  if you buy a spring kit from wolfe springs it will come with a stronger springer for the cyl pin latch.  this fixed both of mine.  strange that wolfe has this figured out but Ruger doesn't
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    Ruger has an excellent reputation for servicing their firearms is there is an issue.
    Call them, explain the situation and they will either have you send it in or have one of their local dealerships (gun shop) do it for you.  A number of years ago, I had an issue with an old model 3 screw.  Dealer sent it to Ruger, they repaired/replaced parts and shipped it back.............all NO CHARGE!
    Call Ruger.
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    Simple fix, your cylinder base pin is not pushed all the way through.  Your welcome :-)

    The base pin is the pin that goes through the cylinder from the front.  Common issue when people remove to clean or most likely in this case remove it to pull the cylinder out to get the little plastic "flag" out of the cylinder.
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    "Simple fix, your cylinder base pin is not pushed all the way through.  Your welcome :-)"
    That would be the first thing I would check.
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    Varian and Mobuck have correctly diagnosed the problem. The base pin should not be moving out of place. Maybe I brushed it with my hand or maybe the spring is weak. I will ponder ways to fix this. I have owned several Blackhawks over last 30 years but have never faced this issue. Thanks for your help guys.
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    There are a couple of "fixes". One is a custom base pin and another is a stronger base pin retainer stud spring. My 4 5/8" SBH has a snappy recoil with factory loads. Doesn't seem to be an issue for me but base pin pops out nearly every shot when Son is shooting. 
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