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Tisas / SDS Warranty Experiences ?

nebrguynebrguy Member Posts: 63 ✭✭
For only those of you that actually own a Tisas / SDS / Zigano pistol and have needed it to be repaired while under warranty what were your experiences in dealing with them or their designated repair facility ?

Any first hand ownership opinions are welcome as well, good and bad. I'm considering an SDS / Tisas M16 9mm. I am aware that they are made in Turkey . Please limit comments to just this company's products.

Thanks all.


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    mark christianmark christian Forums Admins, Member, Moderator Posts: 24,456 ******
    edited July 2020

     I have one of their 9mm compacts and I like it. It is a well made pistol in traditional DA/SA with a slide mounted safety/ de-cocker. It handles nicely and so far it has fed all brands and weights of 9mm ammo without incident. Fit and finish are excellent and I only wish that I could find a threaded barrel for it (I prefer to shoot suppressed). Turkish made firearms are amazing in their quality and low price. 
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    frontiercollectorfrontiercollector Member Posts: 6
    Hi Nebr person.  Do as much research as possible. Talk to other Tisas owners.  My experience with Tisas products has been very good.  Please consider one gets what one pays for. If one chooses to purchase online and skip the local gun store...well???  What is support worth to you?  Personally it is worth something to me.  Back to a general point of view.  Purchase cautiously, train properly, take care of the item and generally it will last for a reasonable time.  Also, learn how to keep your item in proper condition and maintenance.  
    full disclosure: I believe Tisas is generally right in the middle of quality.  UNL grad
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