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tradeing firearms

shotgunman12shotgunman12 Member Posts: 5
Have 1100 rem born in 1978 99.5 condition almost new inbox.Freind wants totrade for a model 12 win. born in 1939  30 inch solid rib double bead sights std wood my rem has 26 inch skeet bbl not org .does that sound like a decent trade


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    Butchdog2Butchdog2 Member Posts: 3,834 ✭✭✭✭
    Nope, you need boot
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    hillbillehillbille Member Posts: 14,201 ✭✭✭✭
    edited July 2020
    depends on how much you want the model 12.......seems they used to run in cycles with the model 97's every 6 months or so price would go up then level off then go down
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    rufe-snowrufe-snow Member Posts: 18,650 ✭✭✭
    I would do it, if the Model 12 is factory original. And in at least Very Good condition. If it doesn't meet these two criteria. Wouldn't do it, unless he's willing to add substantial dinero. 

    Lot of the old full choke Model 12's, were honed out. When steel shot became a requirement. These aren't considered factory original by collectors, and aren't easily sold. If this is the condition, of the one he's trying to get rid of? Your going to be stuck, with a big heavy clunker. Personally I would keep the 1100.
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    BobJudyBobJudy Member Posts: 6,506 ✭✭✭✭
    If the Mod 12 is in excellent condition it would be a fair trade. I guess it would boil down to whether or not either shotgun would fit the needs of whatever you intend to use them for. The model 12 30 inch was normally a full choke and might make serviceable trap gun. Obviously the 1100 is set up as a skeet gun. The 1100 is more easily modified for multiple disciplines and those modifications can add value. Modifying the mod12 will lesson the value. I am a mod12 fan but if I was limited to one shotgun, I'd keep the 1100. In this case I would offer him a fair price for the mod12 at let him find his own 1100, maybe here on GunBroker. Bob
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    shotgunman12shotgunman12 Member Posts: 5
    thanks for all the help. I forgot to mention that the model 12 has a nickel steel bbl. would that make any difference with double bead ivory sights.
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    GrasshopperGrasshopper Member Posts: 16,785 ✭✭✭✭
    No trade. Draw a couple hundred if the 12 is in just in good condition. 
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