Savage 110 e-d

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Does anyone know the history surrounding the model 110 e and what does the d designation mean?


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    I have been told that the “e” identified the economy model 110 . Plain jane stock etc . No idea as to the “d” . I have one I rescued at a yard sale . Looked like it had been used as a tent stake . Lots of refinishing later it is one of my favorite and most accurate rifles

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    D Deluxe High Grade
    Below are letters that following Model 110 (can be a combination of letters).

    G - Hardwood,
    F - Synthetic,
    C - Clip,
    E - Economy,
    H - Hinged Floor Plate
    L - Left hand
    NS - No Sights,
    T - Target,
    SE - Safari Express,
    P - Police, V - Long Range Varmit (26 inch HY Barrel),
    - Stainless Steel,
    - Package Gun (scope, case),
    - Youth,
    - Muzzle Brake,
    - Adjustable Muzzle Brake,
    B - Laminate,
    - Deluxe (Walnut Checkered),
    M - Magnum,
    M L - Muzzle Loader
    - Presentation grade (upscale wood and finish),
    S - HVY Barrel Shiloute,
    WLE -1 of 1000, extra high grade,
    - Classic ultra
    - Ultra High Luster
    J - Older Series with shorter action (1956-1978)

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    Thanks for the breakdown hoosier. I've got a 110 in .270. Gonna bust it out and look it over.

    Extreme NE TN/W NC ya'll. 😁

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