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Colt King Cobra .357 3" New Production - grips

oldbuckaroooldbuckaroo Member Posts: 56 ✭✭
I have a nice pair of Sambar stag grips I acquired years ago for a Colt Detective Special .38. I sold this gun a while back, but kept the grips. I'm wondering if they'll fit the new Colt King Cobra Stainless .357 w/3" barrel. The grips are for a later model D-Frame, short-butt. Before I buy the King Cobra, it would be nice to know whether these stag grips will fit. Thanks in advance guys.


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    dfletcherdfletcher Member Posts: 8,162 ✭✭✭

    I have the new Cobra - it's on the same frame (the KC has a thicker topstrap, but grip is the same?) as the King Cobra, yes?  I also have a bunch of Detective Special, Cobra and Agent pre-66, post 66 (short grip) and 1973 versions and here's what I've learned re the new Colt and here's what I've stumbled upon -

    The new Colt uses the short 1966 grip frame, however it doesn't have a grip pin to anchor the grip in place.  It does have a hole and will accommodate various Agent, Police Positive, Pocket Positive grip pins.  The Police Positive worked best for me.  It's long and thick enough to engage the corresponding hole in the grip and thick enough to eliminate any wiggle.  I did have to turn it down a bit to fit the hole in the frame - just a tad.

    Detective Special service stocks will fit fine, but there's a slight gap on the revolver frame between the frame and sideplate and it's not covered by the stock - it shows just to the left of the medallion, wouldn't have noticed until someone mentioned it.

    Colt sells "looks like" older service stocks, but IMHO they look like cheap copies of the original.

    After some fiddling around with older service stocks and Tyler T Grip (actually BK Grips - much better) I went with 1973 stocks.  They cover that gap and I think look good, fit my hand well too.

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