How to Guarantee 8 Days Straight Rain -

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Get 4 loads of Super dry Firewood delivered.

Extreme NE TN/W NC ya'll. 😁


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    Go on a once in a lifetime vacation works too.
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    Or trying to build a new pole barn. I really hope the rain this year is an anomaly because severe storms with torrential rain almost every day for the last 6 months is getting old. Love this area but this is not the kind of weather I expected.

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    Tear off old roof.
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    what you can't stack wood in the rain???  ya ain't gonna melt, besides you won't need a shower when your done.........
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    What is super dry?

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    Spray 25 gallons of Roundup mix then break out your umbrella.
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    Or trying to build a new pole barn. I really hope the rain this year is an anomaly because severe storms with torrential rain almost every day for the last 6 months is getting old. Love this area but this is not the kind of weather I expected.
    I will take some of that weather.  No rain to speak of and temperatures above 90 degrees every day for the last month or so is also getting old.
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    Seed your lawn or put turf down - seed garden beds or plant new trees...

    Buy a new car or detail an old one...


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    A friend I used to work with went on vacation on his motorcycle one time back in the 70s. He got caught in a freak rain storm and flash flood in Death Valley of all places. One of the driest places on earth. Death Valley averages less than 2 inches of rain per year. During one stretch from 1931 until 1934 there was just over 1/2 inch rain recorded. Weird stuff like that was always happening to him. You didn't want to be near him during a thunderstorm. 
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    Q:  what do you call the day after three days of rain in Seward Alaska?
    A:  Monday
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    Cling2myguns, where are you from??  That sure is different than here in sunny S.C.  

    Nanuq907, It has been 1 or 2 years more than 50 years ago but I remember being in Seward, Alaska.  Yes, after all these years I remember the rain.  I was there in the summer time and raingear was not in my kit.  What I remember is being damp for several days. 
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    Here in KY the weather app says for today's date it's rained 23 times out of the last 30 years
    And I've got a yard to prep and plant.   

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    I plan on inside storage this year. I want the wood to be thoroughly dry before I start stacking it inside in my shed. I may not have a choice. It will probably bake dry in there. It gets rediculously hot inside.

    Super dry firewood, is older (not green) logs coming from the Sawmill as rejects for one reason or another. (Metal etc.) Split at least 6 mo. ago. Stored under open sided metal roofed carports, rather than left outside in the rain. I had asked the guy to source the driest wood he had in the length requirement I gave him. He did a really good job supplying what I asked for.

    It rained (poured) the night/evening it got delivered. It has rained every day since. I should have had the guys throw it (not stack it) right inside the shed. I am sure they would have been okay with that. My bad.

    Extreme NE TN/W NC ya'll. 😁

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    I was kinda hoping to keep with the not rained on aspect of this wood, and throw it in the shed to further bake dry.

    Seems kind of a shame to have kept it not rained on for 6 mo. or more, and now its gotten soaked for 8 days straight. Oh well.

    Extreme NE TN/W NC ya'll. 😁

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    I recorded zero rain in July here in sunny Ogden. The last measurable rain was June 28, and it wasn't much.
    Last year was unusually wet, but we had 25.75" of precip by August 1. This year, it's 12.58" It's going to have to be a lot wetter between now and October 1, which is the start of our new water year. We are supposed to average about 19" of rain annually.
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    Plan a week long motorcycle trip ...... and load your tent, sleeping bag, etc. to leave in the morning!!!!
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    If you ride a motorcycle you are going up get wet . Buy the best rain suit you can find , you will need it .

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    There is an new invention that many may have never heard about, no too expensive unless you are looking at one for a tractor trailer. If I remember it is called a tarp. ;)
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