Mark Christian: question about cans on US martial arms

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I have been doing research on a side project for a rather prominent author who has taken over his father's literary franchises and plans to revisit and restart a much favored series that focused on the corps...

The new novels will focus on the interwar combat actions that don't get much press and are not well known...

The boxer rebellion and China marines and missionaries and OSS spy's - ambassador staff embassy cookie pushers gathering Intel - the Philippines insurrections and the united fruit company territorial squabbling in south and central America - the Siberian expedition - the sinking of the Maine - the great white fleet of heavy cruisers that also did double duty as consular vessels and embassy transports like the Olympia...

The boxer rebellion and transvaal and orange free state and voortreckers and the wild geese...

Simbanese rebels QED Rhodesian light infantry and Masai scouts...

French Indo China pre and post dien bien phu - post war Japan under macarthers kinglike dictatorship and the army of occupation...

The Greeks resisting communist takeover and regime change.

Deposition of the Hawaiian king and royal family - samoa and Fiji and tonga and Easter Island and the Maldives...

The Spanish Civil war and the Abraham Lincoln brigade.

The troubles in Ireland.

One of the reasons Ines's requested to advise on this project - to proof read is that I serviced and fired Olympia's main guns and secondary battery - we loaded smoke and flare firework star shells for them at the gunship using .45-70 blanks as primers...

And my ownership and use of / shooting of / trigger time with the guns of the period - I own them and shoot them and take them apart and tinker with them (like the RAC 1915 or Lee navy - or mondragon and the potato digger - etc...)

I have been able to locate data on the odd bespoke limited production sniper rifles like variants of the krag or Lee navy or pattern 17 enfield and the like (largely because I own them)

What's driving me to drink is the use of cans on the garand or carbine or grease gun or Johnson or Thompson or Springfield or engaged or krag or .236 straight pull or the Remington magazine fed bolt actions or semiautomatic commercial rifles (.351 sl or .32 Remington) heck even the 1911...

You know much more about this than I do - what gives - why the virtual total lack of data or pictures on American military TO&E silenced weaponry???

The OSS .22 is common knowledge but the others seemingly don't exist.

Can you school me and enlighten the membership on this topic???




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    The US Rifle Cal .30 M1 (Garand) does not lend itself well to being silenced. There was some work done during the Korean War/Conflict with the M1 carbine, but the carbine was a short range weapon and the suppressed M3A1 SMG was actually better suited for a silencer, which was made by Bell Laboratories. The only documented use of suppressors buy American forces was during WWI with the M15 Maxim Silencer, which was essentially an off the shelf .30 caliber commercial silencer mounted to a 1903 Springfield.  I have several books on American sniper rifles, but there is scant data on suppressors. This area could prove to be prime for research. 
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    Mike, Referring to the OSS suppressed .22 LR.   As the result of a domestic incident I seized a suppressed Hi Standard. It was inherited from her father, who brought it home from WWII. Having been born in Italy, he immigrated to the US & was in NYC at the onset of the war. As such, he "joined" the OSS & returned to Italy where he had the record for the most time spent behind enemy lines. As I saw the historic value in this pistol, no one was charged. I called the Smithsonian, who gladly sent someone to pick up the Hi Standard along with the documentation of the father's record & medals. I never heard back from them, but they have it all somewhere. 
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    We still had suppressed High Standard Military 22 lr pistols in our Arms room in 2006.  In fact we took 2 of them to Iraq and a bunch of SS ammo and played around with them behind our compound.

    These guns had to have been left over from the mid 50's at the latest.

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    I was watching something about the CIA playing the Filipino "Vampire" mind games. I forget the time frame but I remember them mentioned CIA and not OSS. Filipinos are superstitious folks since it worked.
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