A new precision match grade .22 bolt action target rifle for your consideration

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A new precision match grade .22 bolt action target rifle for your consideration and evaluation or speculation...

RANGER .22 Rimfire Precision Bolt Action Rifle with Carbon Fiber Tension Barrel Patent

The NEW Ranger 22 brings a rimfire rifle back to the Christensen Arms lineup. Built for precision—the bolt-action platform features an aluminum receiver with a steel recoil lug insert, Christensen Arms carbon fiber tension barrel, and a carbon fiber composite rimfire stock. The rifle is also well equipped with standard sling studs, a 0 MOA picatinny rail, and a match grade Rem 700 style trigger. The Ranger 22 weighs in starting at 5.1 pounds and is backed by a Christensen Arms Sub-MOA at 50 Yards Guarantee.





*Barrel : Christensen Arms Carbon Fiber Tension Rimfire Barrel

*Hand Lapped 22LR Bentz Match Chamber with Threaded Muzzle ½ × 28

*Action : Christensen Arms Precision Aluminum Receiver

Black Anodized

Dual Ejectors

Dual Opposing Locking Lugs

0 MOA Optic Rail

Threaded Bolt Handle

Trigger Tech® Rem 700 Trigger

Ruger® 10/22 Compatible Magazine

*Stock : Carbon Fiber Composite Rimfire Stock

Palm Swell

Ambidextrous Grip

Recoil Pad

Flat Forend

Sling Studs

Palm Hook

Color Options :

Black Stock with Gray Webbing

Tan Stock with Black Webbing


Tactical Bolt Knob

  • $50.00




© 2020 Christensen Arms.

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  • bpostbpost Member Posts: 30,803 ✭✭✭
    It is VERY nice for sure.  I will stick to the Anschutz 54 action and sporter configuration.  The Anschutz 54 lock time is fantastic.
  • toad67toad67 Member Posts: 9,639 ✭✭✭
  • BobJudyBobJudy Member Posts: 1,804 ✭✭✭
    Looks like a winner but like bpost I will stick with my Anschutz. The only quibbles I might have with the Christensen would be the stock and the magazine release.  For some reason the pistol grip looks awkward to me. It might just be the way it is photographed so I guess the only way to tell would be a hands on tryout. The extended magazine release on a field gun in my opinion isn't necessary and wouldn't want it to get bumped going through the brush. But other than those things they have included a heck of a lot for $795. Bob
  • iceracerxiceracerx Member Posts: 8,759 ✭✭✭
    Why would a bolt rifle need a Bentz chamber?
  • mrmike08075mrmike08075 Member Posts: 12,142 ✭✭✭


    Per our Engineer on Bentz chambers:

    The chambers are cut with a special chambering reamer called a "Bentz" reamer. The Bentz chamber is designed to be tighter than a standard 22 chamber but not as tight as a true match chamber. This allows the gun to function properly. The barrels are ported with a scientifically determined number of ports to allow Mini-Mags to be just subsonic. The Bentz chamber will NOT allow the use of CCI Stinger or CCI Quik Shok ammunition. Both of these cartridges are manufactured with a longer than standard shellcase. CCI only makes three cartridges with this longer shellcase. Stinger, part #0050, Quik-Shok, part #0064 and our CCI 22 LR Shotshell ammunition, part #0039. Hope this information answers your question. Linda Linda Olin CCI/Speer Technical Services 2299 Snake River Ave. Lewiston, ID 83501

    • 22LR Chamber Dimensions:

    • Type______Length__Mouth Dia._Throat Dia._Taper @ Throat
    • Sporting____0.7751"____0.2307"____0.2270"
    • Bentz______0.6900"____0.2270"____0.2255"_____1.5° Taper
    • Match _____0.6876"____0.2267"____0.2248"
    • Win 52-D___0.5800"____0.2278"____0.2248"_____2.0° Taper

    • The "Ruger" 10/22 factory chamber is the "Sporting" chamber above.
    • The "Bentz" chamber is the 'match' chamber for semi-autos.
    • The "Match" chamber is for bolt actions.
    • The "Win M52-D" is a bolt action target rifle.

    • .22 Long Rifle Headspace: .0425" GO // .045" NO-GO
    • Original Post
    • I was reading about Shilen barrels and they say" Chamber: Shilen/Bentz, designed for optimum accuracy in semi-autos.
    • OK, so what does that mean? I was under the impression that aftermarket 10/22 barrels were pretty universal, in the sense that you could buy one and mount it without much fuss.
    • Basically the Bentz chamber is better than the sporter chamber... but there are tighter and more accurate chambers out there for the 10/22...I have a Winchester 52B Heavy Barrel Target (1949 vintage). Do you have any idea what the chamber dimensions might be for this rifle?
    • Thanks

    • I have a Winchester 52B Heavy Barrel Target (1949 vintage). Do you have any idea what the chamber dimensions might be for this rifle???
    • Said to be Match Chamber:

    • http://www.24hourcampfire.com/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php/topics/2567172/Winch_Model_52B_NIB_Value

    • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winchester_Model_52
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    • Nov 02, 2009 · #6
    • have a Shilen Varmint 20" tapered that has a Supamatch chamber.
    • shoots superbly. no more Bentz chambers for 'ole Rico, lol
    • Nov 02, 2009 · #8

    • NCchris said:
    • Original Post
    • I have a 22" Shilen Varmit tapered barrel with the Shilen/Bentz (I assume) because I haven't changed it.
    • Shoots great!
    • It will not extract a loaded round. Is this normal?

    • bentz chamber
    • Chaser, I had 4 of these Tactical Solution 18" stainless (not aluminum) threaded ended Bentz chambered bbl's they were selling in 08. TacSol did venture into the benchrest barrels for a bit there. I sold 2 of them and finally after all this time built one on a Tactical Innovations receiver. I had a stock I bought from either Passinby or Swampfox (can't remember which one I bought it from) sitting on my shelf for 2 years also. I put a Rimfire Technologies 1st gen trigger group in it, mounted one of the cheap Simmons Banner 3x9 scopes on it I have on my site and proceeded to sight it in with 10 rounds. I'm selling it so didn't want to shoot it over 10 rds. Anyway, with the cheap scope and shooting off a padded gunbox w/my jacket, I got a 1/4" group at 50 yds with it with the last 2 rounds of Federal Target ammo. (I hate sighting in semi-auto's with no bore sight and no clue where it's hitting). I'd venture to say with a better scope and a solid rest, I could get close to one hole groups with this rifle. The Bentz chamber and stainless bbl tho REALLY help w/the accuracy. I like this one because it's also threaded ended.

    • bearclaw46
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    • O'Fallon, Missouri
    • Nov 04, 2009 · #13
    • bolt
    • Chaser, yeah, they didn't make them but one year and nobody wanted them so I figured what the heck, build one and see what it'll do. btw, I put a Randy @ CPC refurbished bolt in that thing also. It's a nice rifle. I'll probably end up putting it on Gunbroker. I haven't gotten any nibbles on it yet. If I don't sell it soon tho, it's a keeper.

    • I REALLY like your rifle you have tho. you know the one with the red receiver and I think a Kidd bbl?? Is that right?? What were those groups from 25 yds or 50?? REALLY Nice groups. Makes your trip to the range soooo smooth when you get groups like that.

    • You have any Chargers?? My next project.

    In addition to the topic of bentz chambers here on RFC and other forums - let me assure you this is not a new problem and that these are not newly discovered solutions...

    My Ross straight pull rifle and my Lee Navy .236 and many early krag jorgenson rifles can be found marked "LC" on the furniture or the receiver and barrel junction...

    These "LC" or "large chamber markings show up on mossberg .22.rimfire match target grade military trainers.

    Making to chamber a wee bit less tolerant / perhaps making it more sloppy allowing the gun to accept and chamber and fire and achieve prime accuracy with ammo that might not be in spec due to age QED storage and variances in manufacturer equipment like wear and tear and COO or owing to the metric vs standard conversion systems range of variability and flexibility or play inherent to the standard tables of exchange.

    Translate arshins into inches into centimeters and pounds to stones to metric kilograms...


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