Pistol Slide with Rampant Lion ??

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Look familiar ?

Appreciate the help and leads

thank you


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    Spanish. Maybe a Ruby pistol??
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    I will follow the leads and thank you gentlemen ☺
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    The Ruby type pistol by Gabilondo was a descendant of an earlier pistol made by Unceta,  that would later become Astra- so it gets a little tangled in there.  But those curved serrations in the slide speak of Eibar Spain as the origin, no matter which name.   
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    Do you have a Triple K pistol magazine catalog?  If not, get one.  It has line drawings of dozens of obscure pistols.
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    My reference, "Gunmarks" , by David Byron. Identifies a very similar appearing proof mark. As being Spanish. It was a early, (circa mid 1920's). Definitive proof, on handguns. Prior to the mid 1920's, Spain unlike the other European countries. Didn't have a legal requirement, that firearms had to be proofed.  
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    Thank you gentlemen for the fast and informative leads and references.

    I have a better direction to search in now ☺
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    The rampant lion is a Czech military acceptance stamp, but I'm pretty sure the slide was made in Spain by Urizar before 1935. Sorry I don't know the details of the Czech/Spain connection, but I've seen what look like Czech designs copied by Urizar, so I'm guessing some kind of pre-war licensing agreement. The ones I've come across have both countries proof stamps on the left side forward of the serrations.

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     "Official" Ruby"
    has a lion and PV on the rear, lion on the barrel and lion on the slide. CAL 765

    Many thanks and the mystery has be solved ☺☺
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