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We don't like our neighbors down the road very much.  They've never contributed to any of the things we do like road maintenance and and upkeep, which we work so hard on.  They are users, and takers, but they never give.  Very disappointing.  It costs about $3,000 dollars every year, but they give nothing, and they don't help.
However, tonight it looks like they are having a wedding, or wedding/reception, with multiple tents set up at their place.  It looks like it's going to rain and get nasty.  I don't wish that on anyone!
We could have graded the road for all of their city friends, but they never asked.  Even so, I don't wish it to rain on them, or for the wind to come up and steal all their fun.  I really don't.
I honestly don't think they understand what "neighbors" are all about, and I've helped them out of more than one fix, but the favor is never returned.  (Well, one year about 5 years ago they gave us a box of girl scout cookies for free at Christmas, but whatever)
Anyway, the dogs are hiding under the desk about right now.  These two are totally gun-shy, unlike the noble Shelby, the Lab, but here they are.
I wish their wedding well...and I hope I only have to pull a couple people out from being stuck if it does rain...hard...like it looks like it's going to.


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    Now when you graded the road will the river run through their property? Or when they park their rides along the road will they slide on to their property as the road gives?

    Maybe they like mudding? Let us know with pics/videos how their city cars are axle deep. Maybe they will be parking their rides on their property? Either way let the mud slinging commence.

    Now me I'd be testing charges on a cannon as they start the wedding.

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