Suppresor Parts legal to sell?

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Just wondering. They used to be back in the day. Your could buy the interior parts separate. The finished tubes were sold also but not by the same Company


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    Those days are done. Other than pistons, virtually every suppressor part, including individual wipes, are restricted to firearms manufacturers with a Class 1 SOT. If even the smallest suppressor part needs to be replaced, the entire can must be sent back to the manufacturer for "repair." I am a Class 3 SOT (AKA Class 3 dealer). I wanted to purchase an extra end cap for my AAC TiRant 9mm suppressor and was refused.   
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    those were the days about 1982  the day the music died
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    mac10 said:
    those were the days about 1982  the day the music died
    You know you are starting to get along in years, when you can remember the freedoms you used to have - - - but lost.

    Of course, the young never knew about those freedoms and they have difficulty understanding what it used to be like.

    Are you old enough to remember the freedoms you have lost . . . . or at least the things you used to be able to do . . . . and nobody thought it was "wrong"? 

    You are living in those times RIGHT NOW.  Remember these times . . . and try and explain to the young they should pay attention also.
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    still have all the old catologs and poster stuff they used to have big stack
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    They been selling oil filter adapters. I mean oil filter catch adapters.

    I forget someone sells the whole unfinished "kits" until you get the stamp. The freeze plug looking things are sent without holes. Being that they're not cans I wonder if they'll send them out to all 50 states including California?

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    There are folks selling "solvent traps", which are just parts........until the fellas with the bulges in the cheap suits decide that someone has stepped a little bit over "the line". 
    If you want an expensive toy, go the legal route; you won't have to look over your shoulder.
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    just to let you know that those fellows in the cheap suits are watching ,,they have been visiting some folks in my state  ,,alot about theose oil filter deals  they are watching ebay and other sights the chinese are selling alot of this stuff
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    As far as I know, it's still legal to sell end caps and mounting adapters for factory made suppressors.  I've purchased 3 or 4 within the previous couple of months to allow mounting cans on different hosts. Just got an ad from Rugged offering different end caps for sale.
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