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Lyman 66LA in STEEL, Lyman Steel peep parts, and Savage/Stevens 311 410 stock set

jeffb1911jeffb1911 Member Posts: 2,111 ✭✭✭
Looking for a few things right now.  Have a 1950's or late 40's Marlin 336 SC that someone took the receiver or peep sight off of.  The currently manufactured and available aluminum models just do not look right on this old gun.  Would like to find an older steel model 66LA if anyone has one.  None of the ones on the auction side were steel, all aluminum.  Sad thing is the model number is the same for both the steel and aluminum sights. Also have a Marlin 39 with a peep where the elevation screw is broken, if you happen to find a spare elevation screw for a Lyman steel peep sight for this one too (SN C3xxx range, so would like to keep it original too)

Also traded into a Savage/Stevens 5100/311 shotgun that has the Tenite stocks on it, but they are shrinking up pretty bad and seem to be getting brittle.  So need to find some wood socks for it.  Anyone have some for the 410 model of the 311 or 5100?  (Think they are the same gun, but made at different times by either Stevens or Savage-at least they look the same.  Any RKI can point me in the right direction i'd appreciate it).  

Thanks for checking your parts boxes!  


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